First iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown confirms 4000mAh battery

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Someone already managed to take apart an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and found a surprise waiting inside – a 4,000mAh battery. Well, 3,969mAh, if you want to be precise. That matches exactly the number reported by TENAA.

iPhone 11 Pro Max battery (15.04Wh) iPhone XS Max (left) and iPhone XS (right) batteries (<a href="" target="_blank" rel=image source)” width=”399″ height=”300″ src=””>
iPhone 11 Pro Max battery (15.04Wh) • iPhone XS Max (left) and iPhone XS (right) batteries

The battery is rated at 15.04Wh, an impressive 25% increase over the 12.08Wh battery of the iPhone XS Max. Apple once again used an L-shaped battery to cram in as much capacity as possible. The company first used this design for the iPhone X.

Apple announced that it will be using recycled rare earth elements to make the Taptic Engine. That’s a big deal as the Engine makes up for 1/4 of the rare earth elements used in the whole phone.

First look at what's inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max
First look at what’s inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Part of the reason behind this move is to ensure stable supply. But it’s not an easy task, these elements are used in small components like speakers and actuators, which make it hard to recycle. Recycling 100,000 iPhones recovers 32kg of rare earth elements.

By the way, TENAA also claims the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 4GB of RAM, confirming what Geekbench reported.

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