Firefox Private Network now available for everyone in the U.S.

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For people who give utmost importance to their online privacy, there are several VPN services out there, both paid and unpaid. But not a lot of them are reliable and ironically, secure. But if you have the Mozilla name behind a product, then it may be something that you will trust better. That’s what they’re hoping as they release the Firefox Private Network, now renamed Mozilla VPN, out of beta testing and into the hands of users that are in the U.S.

The VPN service was actually announced almost a year ago and it was named Firefox Private Network back then. It was initially for desktop Firefox but later on they brought out an Android independent VPN app. There was a free tier and paid monthly subscriptions of up to $5 per month. However, it was a long beta process since then and they took their time to gather feedback from their limited number of testers.

Now it seems like the beta phase is over in a way as anyone who’s living in the U.S. will be able to sign up and get access to the Firefox Private Network. It will still be in beta for now but in a few weeks, they will be launching the full service with the new name of Mozilla VPN. It should be able to work with any browser on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. There will be a free browser-only tier and a $3 per month premium tier.

Mozilla says that feedback from early beta testers made them add more privacy-centric features like split tunneling and also making it available for Mac devices. They are also still “actively foregoing revenue streams and additional profit-making opportunities” since they still committed to never tracking your browser and not allowing any third-party in-app data analytics platform to access your data.

Until they release the full service, the current pricing model will remain. This means you’ll shell out $4.99 per month which will let you protect up to five devices on Windows, Android, and iOS. No plans have been announced to make it available outside the U.S.

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