Firefox Preview update brings new features closer to stable release

We’ve been hearing about how Mozilla is building a new Firefox browser from the ground up and we’ve seen evidence of it in the Firefox Nightly build. But some may be impatient as to when this will actually roll out in a stable release. Well, we might be getting closer to that day as the newest update to the Firefox Preview has been released. Version 4.0 has some of the features that we daw in Nightly including Top Sites, password manager, and several other minor improvements.

When you open a new Firefox Preview window, you’ll see the Top Sites you often visit right under the logo. You can also add some more of your favorite websites when you tap on the three-dot overflow menu. This way, you don’t have to constantly type out the site on the address bar or go to your bookmarks if these are sites that you’ll probably often open anyway. Hopefully, they also come up with a way to neatly organize these Top Sites later on.

The password manager is an important feature for Firefox to have and now you get it in the Preview version. It works better if you use it with a Firefox account of course so you can sync your logins across your various devices. However, you will not be able to use the autofill credentials on other apps. You can only use it when you’re on the browser. But at least you get a more convenient way of logging onto sites that you frequently visit.

The Firefox Preview version 4.0 also has bug fixes and improvements that come with the update. You will not see the persistent undo notifications and you can now bypass certificate errors as well. As for the all-important add-ons, the only thing that seems to work right now is uBlock Origin. This is a source of concern for those who rely on third-party add-ons for their browser. Let’s see if they add more before launch.

All the features in this update are of course live on Firefox Nightly as well. But if you want a relatively more stable version, you can get Firefox Preview version 4.0 on Github or through an APK Mirror. The Google Play version is sure to follow, hopefully soon.

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