Firefox for Android Nightly gets new Recommended extensions

Mozila Firefox Nightly

Our last mention of Firefox for Android was last month. The mobile browser now hides URL from the address bar. It was updated shortly after the new version rolled out with limited extension support. Mozilla has been making a number of changes and improvements to Firefox on different platforms. The latest upgrade is for Firefox for Android Nightly. Mozilla has announced the addition of Recommended extensions. As described, it is a broader set of APIs that will be ready to work on more add-on functionality.

Mozilla has shared that the API set is getting new Recommended extensions. Some improvements include Video Background Play Fix and Google Search Fixer. The two are mobile favorites that let the browser to keep videos playing in the background even tabs are switched and copy the Google search experience on Chrome.

Firefox for Android Nightly already has the new Recommended extensions since September 26. Feel free to explore them if you want on your mobile device. Download or update your Firefox Nightly. Head on to Add-ons menu to check out the changes. The next Firefox for Android to be released in November should already have these extensions.

The set now also includes FoxyProxy which is a privacy-related extension. FoxyProxy is a “proxy management tool with advanced URL pattern matching”. There is also a password manager now called Bitwarden. These extensions make it at the same level as the ad blockers AdGuard and Ghostery.

Image Search Options is a “customizable reverse image search tool”. There is also Web Archives that allows you to “view archived web pages from an array of search engines”. Tomato Clock which brings timed work intervals and LeechBlock NG to block time-wasting websites are also helpful.

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