Fire TV Cube adds two-way video calling feature

Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV product lineup continues to expand. Amazon has been taking advantage of many consumers just staying at home by coming up with related products and services. With the Fire TV Cube, the smart device has just been updated with two-way video calling. This new feature makes connecting with family and friends more fun than ever. Do video calls with them right on the big screen instead of just your smartphone or laptop. Alexa video calls are convenient especially when you’re with the whole family as the Fire TV Cube can show everyone in the screen.

Two-way Alexa video calls are available on the second-gen Amazon Fire TV Cube. You will still need a webcam though plus a Micro USB to USB adapter. Of course, you must set up the Fire TV Cube for the feature to work.

Set up a compatible webcam. Connect it first. Make sure it supports UVC and offers a minimum of 720p resolution and 30fps. Better resolution is 1080p so we highly recommended more advanced webcams or those that can offer 60 to 90 degree field of view. Those that can offer 4k at farther distances are not recommended. 1080 is just right.

Amazon has shared lists of webcams, Micro USB to USB Adapters, and Micro USB to USB Adapter with Ethernet Ports you can buy. For webcam, you can use Logitech C920, Logitech C922x, Logitech C310, Aukey PC-LM1E, or Wansview 101JD. Check out micro USB to USB Adapters from, UGREEN, or CableCreation. Micro USB to USB Adapter with Ethernet Ports from MakerSpot or Smays are also good.

Enable video calling via the Alexa App. You need to register your account and setup. Connect the webcam and adapter. Once done, a notification will show on the TV screen, telling you the camera is ready. Launch the Alexa mobile app to enable the feature and then finally import contacts for your Fire TV cube.

Video calling with the Fire TV Cube can be fun especially during the holiday season. You can enjoy hands-free video chats without getting up from the couch. Feel free to enjoy the holidays, open presents together, or play games with the family.

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