FCA Uconnect 5 platform introduced with wireless Android Auto

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FCA short for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is introducing an all-new platform that is said to be the most advanced to date yet. The Uconnect system and integration with Android have been available for years but they are due for an upgrade. The Uconnect 5 Global Platform is described to be more personalized, more powerful, and more connected. The system is also easier to use compared to before. Fiat-Chrysler has been working on improvements regularly. It even teamed up with to allow Android-Uconnect integration. This way, the system will be utilized by more devices and consumers.

Uconnect 5 is the latest infotainment platform by Fiat Chrysler. It doesn’t just integrate with Android Auto but also with Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. The platform also allows support for larger touchscreens (up to 12.3-inches) with higher resolutions (up to Ultra HD).

The version available is based on Android so we can expect new mobile apps will be available soon. The new Uconnect can now cannot with two devices at once. Before, only one Bluetooth device can connect to the platform.

If you’ve used Uconnect before, you will see the obvious redesign bearing a card-based UI. It looks less cluttered now. You can create five driver profiles with different configurations for vehicle operation, seats, music, and HVAC among others. Different layout orientations mays also be chosen: square, landscape, and portrait.

UConnect works with FCA’s other platform that is powered by a new chipset, max of 64GB storage, and 6GB of RAM. Other major improvements aside from the look of the UI include voice control since Alexa has been added. Voice control is also more natural now. It can understand and talk to a driver the way a normal conversation usually goes as long as wake-words are used.

It’s good to know that FCA works with experts like Google to ensure the system is ready. For navigation, it has worked with TomTom to include EV-specific content. FCA has many plans for expansion especially since the automotive industry is pushing for electric or hybrid vehicles. Progress may be slow but we’re getting there.

Uconnect 5 will include 4G LTE with WiFi hotspot. New vehicles will get to enjoy trial period. In the near future, mobile payments, or should we say in-car purchases, can be done. Download the compatible Uconnect Mobile App for your phone. Wait for Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) support which may allow automatic software installations–someday.

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