Fairphone 3+ offers better cameras, same “green” principle

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Fairphone 3 Plus

A few months ago, the /e/ Fairphone 3 was announced with a Google-free OS. It’s a deGoogled smartphone by /e/. It was initially imagined to be the Fairphone 4 but it’s not. There won’t be the Fairphone 4 yet. The company behind the Fairphone product line has recently introduced the Fairphone 3+. The device boasts an advanced camera performance courtesy of new camera modules. This means you can buy the new modules separately and install them on your Fairphone 3.

The Fairphone 3 gets an instant upgrade with the two new camera modules. The system proves we can actually live a more sustainable life. You don’t have to buy gadgets every time new models are announced. You can change the components if you have a modular phone like the Fairphone 3.

Fairphone owners in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, can avail of the new camera modules from the social enterprise group. It’s another achievement by Fairphone in its mission to come up with “fairer, long-lasting, high-quality devices.” You don’t need to buy a new phone–just change the modules. This Fairphone 3 becomes the Fairphone 3+. It’s “greener” because you don’t add up to potential e-waste.

An estimated over one billion smartphones are sold each year as people buy new gadgets even when theirs are still working. That is a lot of electronic waste in the near future. The Fairphone team is challenging us to rethink our choices especially when it comes to mobile devices.

The Fairphone 3+ offers enhanced audio. The camera is refreshed with a 48MP main camera and a 16MP selfie shooter—from only 12MP rear and 8MP selfie cam. It offers clearer and sharper video calls and selfies. Other improvements also include faster autofocus and image stabilization and enhanced object tracking. The software has been optimized as well. The phone specs listed are as follows: a 5.65-inch screen, Gorilla Glass 5, Qualcomm 632 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB memory, MicroSD card slot, and a 3000mAh battery. The phone runs on Android 10.

The Fairphone 3+ is made of 40% recycled plastic material. That is higher compared to Fairphone 3 with only 9%. With the older Fairphone 3, the camera modules can be purchased for only €70 ($83) until September 30. Starting October 1, the price will go up to €94.90 ($113).

According to Fairphone, the Fairphone 3 could last for five to seven years. You can keep buying new modules once available for a low cost. This move can reduce carbon footprint by 28 to 42%.

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