Facebook’s to pay $550 million over face recognition misuse

Remember when Facebook started tagging you on photos back in 2011? That was the year the company started testing its facial recognition software but without anyone’s consent. Shortly after, a case against Facebook was set in motion and the legal dispute officially kickstarted in 2015.
Facebook's facial recognition stunt costed the company $550 million
The case has since been elevated to class action lawsuit and Facebook was pretty confident that it didn’t do anything wrong and was ready to defend itself. However, it seems that things have changed and is now ready to settle for a $550 million fine and will pay the plaintiffs group from Illinois that initially started the case. According to Facebook’s spokesperson, the company wants to move past the issue fast as it’s the company’s and the shareholders’ best interest.

Since 2011, Facebook started asking people for their permission to use the facial recognition software so we can call it a win.


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