Facebook now lets you go Live on Messenger Rooms

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It seems that when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you’ll come across Facebook Live videos every five posts or so. We’re seeing the importance and prevalence of live video communication, storytelling, education, and even just fun conversations and so Facebook is making it easier for you to go live wherever you are on the app. They’re now adding a new way to broadcast live from Messenger Rooms so up to 50 people can watch or join you whether it’s a tutorial, book club, informal gathering, etc.

If you haven’t heard of Messenger Rooms yet, Facebook started rolling it out to more users over the past few weeks. It’s basically a joinable group call that lets you easily invite your loved ones for a quick chat, for a discussion on the latest movie you’ve all seen, or to catch up on life in the age of physical distancing. You can create a room from Facebook or Messenger, on desktop or mobile.

Now you can go live directly from that room and invite people to join in, whether they have a Facebook account or not. If you’re the one who created the room, you will be able to broadcast it to a profile, page, or group and then invite people to join in and watch from wherever they are on the Facebook app. You also control where the room will be shared, who will be able to view the broadcast, as well as who will be invited to participate.

Those who are invited to view Facebook Live will receive a notification but they have the option to accept it or not. They can also leave the room before it goes live or even during the broadcast. Room creators can add or remove participants at any time and they can also lock or unlock a room during the broadcast itself. Viewers can also report rooms that they think are violating Facebook’s community standards.

Going live through Messenger Rooms is rolling out in selected countries on Facebook and Messenger web. They will soon expand to all territories where Messenger Rooms is available and in the mobile app and desktop app as well.

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