Facebook Messenger lets you Watch Together on mobile

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Online viewing parties are now more popular than ever since we cannot have physical viewing parties due to some epidemic-related restrictions. Various apps and services have been introducing built-in and third-party features so you and your loved ones can watch and react to videos together. Facebook Messenger is the latest to join the fray as they launch the Watch Together feature within the messaging app itself and Rooms as well. It’s now rolling out globally for users.

Facebook Watch may not be up there with the likes of Netflix or Disney+, but there is a lot of all kinds of video content that you can access there and may want to watch together with your Facebook friends. And with the social media giant still banking heavily on video content, you know you’ll not run out of stuff to see. There are original series, live events, webinars, music videos, creator content, etc. There are also some series and movies but it’s not that many.

Using it is pretty simple. Start a video call on your Messenger or Room and then swipe up to access the menu. Just tap the new Watch Together option and if you don’t have any specific video you want to watch, Facebook has some suggestions or you can browse until you find a video that interests you and whoever is watching with you. The videos are also arranged in categories so it can be easier to choose one that fits your viewing agenda at the moment.

You will be able to watch with as many as eight people in a Messenger video call while if you do it in a Messenger Room, as many as 50 people can watch. But if you want to watch it on a bigger screen, you’re out of luck. The Watch Together feature is built for mobile, unlike those from other similar video features. You can choose to watch on portrait or landscape mode on your mobile device.

The Facebook Messenger Watch Together Feature is now rolling out globally on Android devices. There are no fees to watch videos here so if you see a series or movie that you have to pay for elsewhere, now is a good time to get on it.

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