Facebook Groups now lets you choose “Group Experts”

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You probably join Facebook Groups not just to be entertained with memes but also to get information about your different interests. Facebook is now introducing a new feature that can identify who in your groups are actually experts in their respective fields. Admins can now designate “Group Experts” in their groups, complete with a badge next to their name as proof that they are indeed knowledgeable about a specific topic/subject. Facebook is also pushing these “experts” to find and nurture communities through groups.

Admins of Facebook Groups can now choose which ones they want to designate as group experts so they can play a more meaningful role as knowledgeable guide in their field. Members can spot the special badge that will be added next to their user name in the expert’s posts, comments, etc. Admins can also collaborate with the expert on hosting Q&As, Live Audio Rooms, discussions, etc. This is applicable in both desktop and mobile versions of the main app.

Facebook is also letting the experts identify which topics they want to be recognized as experts in. They’re starting with groups that are focused on fitness and gaming. Admins can then search for specific topics and see who are the relevant people they may want to join their group if they’re not members yet. Experts meanwhile can give automatic invites to Page followers to join groups they’ve created. This way, they can engage and nurture their own communities and maybe join other communities as well.

Beyond just posts and comments, Facebook is recommending other tools they can use in the communities. When people post something that sounds like a question, it will be turned into a format that will encourage people to share information, advice, and their expertise. You can also create Live Audio Rooms later on when it arrives to Groups this summer. And of course, groups can host Q&A sessions within the communities.

Hopefully, Facebook will also ensure that scammers and trolls can easily be removed if they masquerade as experts, which of course some will do. Members can report such content to group admins and they will have the responsibility to choose Group Experts wisely.

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