Facebook Gaming now available as standalone app on Android

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Facebook has been trying its best to become a big player in the gaming world as they have seen over the years how lucrative it can be. Now they are going all in with a wider market as the Facebook Gaming standalone app is now available globally for Android devices. All of the social media’s gaming content including games, streams, pages, and groups can now be found in one place through the app that is now available on the Google Play Store.

Facebook Gaming is basically a part of the social network where all things gaming can be found. It started out with casual games rolling out on its Messenger section and they eventually ventured into game streaming since that’s what’s big in the community. There’s a Gaming section already on your app where you can see suggested games based on what you’ve previously played as well as your friends that have been posting game results or streaming.

But now for those who would want to play games and view streams separately from their main Facebook account can download the standalone app on their Android device. You can choose from among its library of games to play within the app itself. You can also just view those who are streaming their games, a popular pastime for casual and serious gamers. You can even stream your own gameplay if you want to venture into that world.

The app has actually been around since 2018 but only in limited territories. Facebook says they’ve seen more than 5 million installs since then. They recently opened pre-registration and said that more than 100,000 people signed up for it. There are also more than 700M that are already involved in the Facebook Gaming section in one way or another so they are hoping that the numbers would also translate to their standalone app.

In case you’re interested to add another gaming app to your device, you can download Facebook Gaming from the Google Play Store. It’s the perfect time for them to launch this globally as there are a lot of people with “free time” on their hands now.

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