Facebook Dating is now official in the U.S., Tinder beware (not really)

If you really want Facebook to be more involved in your life than it already is, then you probably got excited when you found out that the dating feature, simply called Facebook Dating is finally, officially available in the U.S. Some countries already had it before but now it seems to be rolling out to even more countries. While there are still a lot of privacy and security issues that are facing the social media giant, it’s strange that they chose to release a feature that may have even more privacy implications.

But in case you are still interested in finding love or at the very least, dates, on social media, you don’t have to download a new app since Facebook Dating lives within the main Facebook app itself. Don’t worry though as the only things it will carry over onto your dating profile is your name and your age. You will have to create a whole new profile which includes photos, interests, location, and other preferences you want your potential dates to know about you.

Facebook uses its algorithm prowess to match you with people they think you will hit it off with, based on your indicated preferences, events you’ve previously attended, pages you like, groups you’re part of, etc. If you’re worried that you might get awkwardly matched with your friends, that option is turned off by default. You can choose to match with friends of friends or with your “secret crush”, meaning someone who’s already in your network.

The U.S. launch also brings new and upcoming features to already existing users. Soon you will also be able to add Facebook and Instagram Stories to your profile for a more “authentic” feel. You can also now add Instagram posts to your profile and opt into Events and Groups to see people with similar interests. You will also be able to share details of your upcoming date with people you want to share it with, just to be safe and sure.

Facebook Dating is now available in 19 countries aside from the U.S. and will be coming to Europe by 2020. As with everything related to Facebook, make sure you check out all your privacy and security information just so you’re informed what it is that you’re sharing with the company and sometimes possibly even third parties.

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