Facebook brings Manage Activity to let you hide or delete embarassing posts

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Not everything that you post on Facebook, you’d like to forever remain there. And not all the posts that you don’t want others to see, you want to delete permanently. Facebook is now making it easier for you to manage posts by bringing a Manage Activity feature that lets you archive or trash old posts. It’s a place where you can sort through all your posts before applying for that job or preparing to become a more public figure. It is now currently available for the Facebook Lite app and will soon be available on mobile and desktop.

Manage Activity will make it easier for you to manage all your posts from the day you started posting up to your most recent post. You will be able to sort through and even filter your posts so you will be able to either archive or trash certain posts and just leave some of them alone. While you can always just delete those posts that you don’t want to see anymore, there are times when archive is the better action to choose. This will allow you to still keep them and see them but other people will not be able to do so.

But if you want them gone forever, then you can choose to move these posts to the trash. They will not be deleted immediately and you have 30 days to still restore them in case you change your mind. Or if you are 100% sure you want them gone, you can also manually delete them from the trash. Either way, the Manage Activity section should make it easier to decide whether to archive or to trash.

You will be able to view and manage your posts in bulk. There are also filters so you can sort through the posts, like what kind of posts (photos, videos, text, etc), posts with specific people, or posts from a specific date range. Hopefully they will be able to improve on it even more in the future as this will be very helpful for those who want to sanitize their timeline before a job interview or to clear their feed after a breakup.

For now, the feature seems to be available only for those using Facebook Lite. But it should be rolling out for the main app on mobile over the next few days. It will also come to desktop but they just said “in the future” so there doesn’t seem to be a specific date.

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