Facebook brings cross-platform messaging for Messenger, Instagram

We all know that Facebook eventually wants to bring all their messaging apps together either under on platform or by connecting them to each other. They are now making their biggest step towards this goal as they are introducing cross-platform messaging for Messenger and Instagram. They are also overhauling Instagram Direct Messaging and bringing over some of the Messenger features to make it more dynamic and feature-filled. It is rolling out to selected countries and users for now, probably to test the waters first.

Your messages and calls that are placed on Instagram will still remain in the app. The main change is that your contacts that are on Messenger will be able to send you messages on your Instagram DM without having to download a new app. It also works the other way as those who use Instagram can send you messages on your Messenger as well without having to download the Messenger app. You will be also be able to control where you receive messages and calls whether it’s in your chats, message requests, or even not receive any messages.

The Messenger experience is also now coming to Instagram. You’ll be able to use features like Watch Together, personalized chat colors, selfie stickers, custom emoji reactions, replying directly to a specific message, forwarding messages to up to five friends or groups, and animated message effects. You also get the Vanish Mode option where your sent messages can disappear after the recipient sees it or when you close the chat.

One of the major issues of people on Facebook’s cross-platform plan is privacy and security. Facebook emphasizes that private accounts will remain private with this new feature and the privacy settings will still be respected. They also said that content of messages on both Messenger and Instagram are not used for ad targeting. You also have more control over who and how people can reach you on both platforms.

These features are currently being tested in select markets for now, although Facebook didn’t really say which markets are getting it. They will be rolling it out globally “soon”.

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