Explore every corner of Colorado in Wasteland 3 to find this unique gear

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Wasteland 3 is an absolutely massive RPG where your squad of desert rangers will spend 80-100 hours exploring every corner of post-apocalyptic Colorado. You should leave no door unopened or lock unpicked as you might find quests, vendors, and useful loot.

Scattered throughout the game are numerous unique items, including powerful armor, weapons, and utility items. Here’s a guide to everything you should look out for and where to find it. Note that some of these items require picking locks, restarting generators, or other skills, so be sure to check out our tips and tricks and character building guides for advice on how to assemble an unstoppable squad. If you’re stopped by a bug or other issue, let us know, and we’ll add it to our list.

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Unique weapons in Wasteland 3

These weapons are some of the most powerful in the game, so be sure not to miss out on them. Search through these areas, and be sure to check in with the listed vendors regularly so you’ll pack plenty of power for every fighting style in your squad.

These armors will provide high levels of protection to your rangers plus other useful effects. While some of them are part of sets, there’s no bonus for having all the pieces on one character, so feel free to mix and match.
In addition to three armor slots, every character in Wasteland 3 has a utility slot that can be equipped with powerful trinkets that up their skills or provide other bonuses such as an increased chance of scoring a critical hit or a faster movement speed. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to sort your inventory to see utility items, so be sure to go through everything you’re carrying periodically in case you didn’t notice picking one of these items up. You’ll definitely want to equip them as soon as you can.

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