Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G will have 256GB base storage

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The Galaxy Z Flip might have a lot going for it, but unlike the Galaxy Fold, it didn’t launch with the latest and greatest specs. The Galaxy Z Flip runs on last year’s Snapdragon 855 processor, has dual rear cameras with a primary sensor that isn’t as good as what you get on the Galaxy S20 or even the Galaxy S10, and it also doesn’t support 5G connectivity.However, as we recently revealed, the lack of 5G connectivity will be addressed by Samsung with a 5G variant of its clamshell foldable phone later this year. Now, we have learned a few more things about the Galaxy Z Flip 5G (we’re assuming this is what the device will be called).Same base storage as the LTE variantThe Galaxy Z Flip 5G, like the LTE variant, will have 256GB of storage. There’s no 512GB model in development, nor is there a 128GB variant, at least not at this time. Samsung is probably looking to keep the price tag of the device under control by going with the same amount of storage as the LTE variant, which costs nearly $1400. That said, the option of 512GB storage would have been nice since the Z Flip doesn’t have a microSD slot.We have also learned that the 5G Z Flip carries model number SM-F707B for the international market and SM-F707N for South Korea. SM-xxxB model numbers are usually assigned to 5G Galaxy devices launched in Europe and markets like Australia, but just how widely the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be available remains to be seen. A North American release can be expected as well, though we do not see any signs of a US variant of the device at the moment.

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