Exclusive: Galaxy Z Fold 2 cover display protected by Gorilla Glass Victus

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Durability remains a big concern with foldable smartphones. Given how the Galaxy Fold stumbled out the gate last year, many continue to be skeptical about durability. Samsung did showcase its engineering prowess with the Galaxy Z Flip, though, driving home the point that it’s capable of making robust foldable smartphones.

The company does have a point to prove with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. From the details it has released so far, it’s going to more durable than its predecessor. The improvements that Samsung has made also include Gorilla Glass Victus for the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s 6.2-inch cover display, we can now confirm.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets Gorilla Glass Victus for the cover display

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature Gorilla Glass Victus. Corning says that its latest cover glass is 2x scratch resistant compared to Gorilla Glass 6 and is also more drop resistant. Victus has been applied to the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s cover display, bringing it on par with Samsung’s latest flagship phablet. The glass at the back of the phone is also Victus.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, though, as the Galaxy Fold’s cover display did come with Corning’s latest cover glass at that time. Victus could obviously only be applied to the external display as it can’t bend and thus wouldn’t work with the internal display.

However, the 7.6-inch internal display of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 won’t be as fragile as its predecessor, considering that it’s made from Ultra-Thin Glass. The shift to UTG and an Infinity-O punch hole for the camera allowed Samsung to trim the bezels on the inside.

The bezels have gone from 5.1mm on the Galaxy Fold to 4.4mm on top and as low as 3.7mm on the side. These improvements enabled Samsung to increase the size of the foldable display without increasing the footprint of the device. This also provides a more immersive viewing experience for users which is something they will surely appreciate.

Samsung is going to talk more about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on September 1. That’s also when it’s going to start taking pre-orders for the device.

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