Exclusive: Galaxy S11 colors will include some familiar options

We have received some information about the Galaxy S11 colors that we’d like to pass along. It’s still a bit too soon to be talking about the Galaxy S11. However, since it will be the company’s next flagship, we will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more about it in the weeks to come.Samsung isn’t due to launch the Galaxy S11 until early next year. If history is any indication, the new flagship won’t be unveiled before February 2020. Fans already have considerable expectations from the device.Galaxy S11 colors will not surprise youWe hear that the Galaxy S11 colors will include some familiar options. Samsung is going to offer the device in Blue, Pink, Black and White colors. All four of these options are currently available for the Galaxy Note 10.Samsung is using the “Aura” branding for the color options this time around and it may choose to do so for the Galaxy S11 as well. This also leaves the door option for Aura Glow to make its way to the Galaxy S11 as well. This is something that will please many fans. Aura Glow has proven to be a hit among Galaxy Note 10 customers so it will likely be received very well by those who pick up the Galaxy S11.We also revealed the Galaxy S11 storage options in an earlier exclusive. There will be up to 1TB of internal storage available with 128GB likely being the base storage across all three models. However, both the 128GB and 1TB variants were talked about initially for the Galaxy Note 10 as well but they never saw the light of day.Expect to hear more about the Galaxy S11 in the days to come. The rumor mill is also going to start churning out its theories about Samsung’s new flagship in the near future. As far as color options go, Samsung wouldn’t go wrong with these if it chooses them for the Galaxy S11.

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