Exclusive Galaxy Fold themes now available on the Galaxy Store

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A dedicated section for Galaxy Fold themes has gone live on the Galaxy Store. Samsung’s foldable phone-cum-tablet is, at long last, available for purchase and has been making its way into the hands of consumers in the last week or so, and while it may have a unique form factor, a lot of the software experience is going to be the same as on other Galaxy devices. That includes support for themes, and exclusive options that are designed for the Galaxy Fold are now available for download.As you would expect, these themes apply to both the 4.6-inch cover screen and the 7.3-inch main display, but there’s nothing else here that can be considered special or unique. Also, none of the themes available right now are, well, attractive. However, the quality and variety of the themes should improve as time goes by and more theme makers jump onboard. It’s also worth noting that these exclusive themes are all free options – paid themes will no doubt start showing up in the coming weeks, and you might want to wait for those if it’s quality you’re after.

To access these exclusive Galaxy Fold themes, pinch the home screen on your Fold, tap Themes, then look for the banner that says “Exclusive and free premium themes for Galaxy Fold devices” (or something to that effect) under the Featured tab. Tap this banner to see and download available themes. You can also find a banner for these themes in the Galaxy Store app on your Galaxy Fold. Don’t have a Fold but want its official wallpapers for your smartphone or tablet? You can download those here!

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