Exclusive: Galaxy Buds+ have a larger battery, no active noise cancellation

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The Galaxy Buds+ will be among the products that Samsung launches at its Unpacked event next month. We have been hearing about the company’s new earbuds for a while now. It was initially rumored that they might feature active noise cancellation.We have now received some details about the upcoming earbuds from reliable sources. The bad news first: The Galaxy Buds+ don’t come with active noise cancellation. This will certainly disappoint people who were excited about this feature.Galaxy Buds+ won’t have active noise cancellationMany Samsung fans believed that active noise cancellation will be a done deal for the Galaxy Buds+, particularly after Apple added the feature to the AirPods Pro. However, Samsung has decided to skip the feature for its new wireless earbuds. The company has made improvements to the overall sound quality, but the design isn’t going to be all that different from the existing model.The original earbuds had a 58mAh battery. We’re told that the Galaxy Buds+ is going to increase that to 85mAh, allowing the earbuds to last for 12 hours on a single charge (combined with the cradle case). That’s going to be a welcome improvement for those who use their Galaxy Buds religiously.Many of our readers have said that they’re not that happy with the call quality when using the Galaxy Buds. Samsung has done something about it. The Galaxy Buds+ will have four microphones, double that of its predecessor. That should, at least in theory, make a meaningful difference. That can only be quantified once we get the earbuds in for a full review.However, will that be enough to get customers to buy the Galaxy Buds+? It’s clear at the outset that existing Galaxy Buds owners will have little reason to upgrade. There’s just isn’t enough to justify the purchase as the original Galaxy Buds happen to be quite good. Besides, it’s quite likely that Samsung will be liberally handing out the Galaxy Buds+ as a pre-order gift with the Galaxy S20.The Galaxy Buds+ is due to be unveiled at the Unpacked event on February 11 alongside the Galaxy S20 and the new Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone.

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