Exclusive: Galaxy A71 5G could also launch in the US

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5G-equipped smartphones are going to be a big deal this year. And while there were plenty of flagship phones with 5G connectivity last year, 2020 is set to see manufacturers, including Samsung, start bringing 5G support to lower price tags. We had exclusively revealed a couple of months back that Samsung is working on a 5G variant of the Galaxy A71 for the Chinese market, and we are now seeing signs of US-bound variants of the Galaxy A71 5G.Samsung has started development on two new A71 variants – SM-A716U and SM-A716U1. These would be the carrier and unlocked models respectively, although at this time we don’t know exactly which carriers will sell the A71 5G. The Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A70s never made it to the US so there’s no precedent to help us speculate, either. Furthermore, it’s not clear when the Galaxy A71 5G will go official. No benchmarks for the device have been spotted online yet, so its launch could be a few months away.As we recently revealed, the Galaxy A71 5G is not the only 5G handset that will join Samsung’s mid-range lineup this year. The company is also working on a 5G variant of the Galaxy A51. It is currently in development for South Korea, but it’s highly probable that Samsung will bring it to other markets — including the US and China — as well later down the line. We’ll keep an eye on things and let you know once we learn more.

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