Everything you need to know about Windows 365 Cloud PC service

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Windows 365 is here, and it allows anyone to set up a virtual Windows 10 or Windows 11 install in the cloud, making it accessible from any device, whether that be a Windows PC, iPad, Android, or Mac, on a monthly subscription fee. The service is designed for business and enterprise customers who need to give employees access to a Windows PC, but who don’t need a physical PC.

Windows 365 availability

Windows 365 is available now for business and enterprise customers and can be set up by anyone that has Windows 365 enabled in their workspace. To get started, head to windows365.microsoft.com and sign-in with your work account. From there, you’ll be asked what kind of cloud PC you want, including RAM and storage options, and then Microsoft will install Windows and let you connect to it in about 30 minutes.

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Unfortunately, Windows 365 is not available for non-business or enterprise customers. This mean users without a work account tied to Microsoft 365 won’t be able to access the Windows 365 service or create a personal Cloud PC.

Windows 365 specs and pricing

Windows 365 pricing begins at $24 a month per user for Windows 365 Business customers. This will net you a Cloud PC with 2GB RAM, 64GB storage, and 1 vCPU. This Cloud PC is designed for lightweight tasks, which explains the low-end specs. The top end configuration max’s out at 32GB RAM, 512GB storage, and 8 vCPUs, but costs an eye-watering $162 a month per user on the Business SKU.

Windows 365 Business customers who already have Windows 10 Pro installed on their local PC can actually get up to a 16% discount on the monthly cost of a Cloud PC too.

Windows 365 Enterprise customers have slightly different pricing for the SKUs:

Windows 365 bandwidth limitations

Cloud PCs setup under Windows 365 Business will be subject to data caps that differ depending on the configuration you’ve chosen. Cloud PCs with 1 vCPU will max out at 12GB of outbound data per month, 2 vCPUs will max out at 20GB, 4 vCPUs at 40GB, and 8 vCPUs at 70GB.

Windows 365 Enterprise customers are subject to Azure bandwidth pricing, which you can learn more about at the link.

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