Everything we know (so far) about Surface Book 3

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Microsoft is gearing up to release a refreshed Surface Book with updated CPUs, graphics, RAM, and storage options to keep the product current with the rest of the market. The Surface Book was last updated in 2017, so a refresh is well overdue. We’re not expecting huge changes to the design, meaning the Surface Book 3 should look very similar to the Surface Book 2, and Surface Book 1.

Like the Surface Laptop 3, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft update the trackpads on the Surface Book 3 with a larger surface area. This improves the overall usability of the trackpad and is a minor change on Surface Laptop 3 that makes a big difference, even if you don’t notice it. We’re expecting things like the screen bezels and screen sizes to remain the same as the previous generation.

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The most significant changes will come in the form of updated specifications. We know most, but not all the details around what to expect on the inside of Surface Book 3. We know that it’ll feature Intel’s 10th-generation Core i5 and i7 processors, but we don’t know of which model. Will they be Comet Lake-U or Ice Lake-U processors? Rumors have been peddling both as possibilities, but if we had to guess, we’d say to expect Ice Lake-U processors.

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What we’re more confident about is what graphical power to expect inside the Surface Book 3. The entry-level 13.5-inch model will feature standard integrated graphics, but the step above that will be configurable with an NVIDIA GTX 1650 Max-Q processor. Those looking at the 15-inch variant will be able to configure it with either an NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q or NVIDIA Quadro graphics in the very top-end model.

The GTX processors should offer plenty of graphics power for things like video editing, 3D object modeling, and more. The NVIDIA Quadro option is expected to only be available in the top-end 15-inch Surface Book. It will offer better performance dealing with things like CGI, digital content creation, and CAD files. We don’t yet know what exact Quadro card will be used.

Regarding RAM and storage, we’re expecting the usual configurations ranging from 8GB RAM in the entry-level model up to 16GB RAM for the higher tiers. There’ll also be 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options. New to the Surface Book 3 will be a higher-tier option with 32GB RAM and 2TB storage. This is the model we’re expecting will have the option for NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

Like with all new Surface hardware, the Surface Book 3 will come with Windows 10 Home out of the box. If you want Windows 10 Pro, you can pay for a Pro license after the hardware has been purchased, or you can buy the business model which comes with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled. I’m also only expecting to see platinum as the only color option, meaning no black model for those who prefer it.

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Pricing is expected to start at $1,699.99 for the entry-level model and will max out at an impressive $3,399.99. We’re expecting Microsoft to announce the new Surface Book in early May, and will begin shipping in specific regions and week or so after. Not all regions will get all models, however.

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