Every upcoming Xbox game with Xbox Series X upgrades so far

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The Xbox Series X leads Microsoft’s next-generation lineup, promising a 4K 60 FPS baseline, venturing into 8K resolutions or 120 Hz refresh rates. The striking matte black monolith packs a ton of cutting-edge hardware, slated to deal four times the processing power of Xbox One X.

While Xbox Series X supports full backward compatibility out of the box, including all existing Xbox One purchases, select titles will specifically leverage that overhead. Similar to Xbox One X “Enhanced” titles, they’ll feature tailored upgrades to improve resolutions, smooth framerates, among other graphical gains over Xbox One. While it’s still early days for Xbox Series X, we’ve assembled a list of every Xbox game slated for upgrades on the device.

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List of Xbox Series X Enhanced games

With Xbox Series X details limited, only a small lineup of titles are confirmed for upgrades. Microsoft’s in-house Xbox Game Studios arm has committed to three future-facing projects as of the Xbox Series X reveal, all slated to perform best on the next-generation flagship.

With Xbox Series X news scheduled throughout 2020, expect more on features, availability, and supporting games. Let us know which Xbox games you’d like to see upgraded for Xbox Series X in the comments section below.

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