EU’s Digital Service Act will force makers to allow you to uninstall bloatware

The European Union is expected to approve a new so-called Digital Service Act, which among other things, aims to give you more control of what apps you have on your phone.

EU's Digital Service Act will allow you to uninstall bloatware

While the pre-loaded bloatware isn’t as bad in Europe as in some other parts of the world it can still be annoying. So the EU will force makers to making it possible to uninstall all of the unwanted apps. Currently some of the apps can’t be removed unless you flash a different ROM.

Additionally, the act targets big companies like Google and Apple making sure that they use the collected data only for advertising services, not for its own commercial activities and making it accessible to its business partners. What’s more, Google and Apple won’t be able to leverage the data they collect from their business partners to benefit their own services, something Apple has been doing with its App Store and Google with Play Store.


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