EU wants one common charger for all mobile devices to be made

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Common Charging Technology A

The technology of smartphone charging has been advancing in the past few years. It’s usually faster now, allowing phone batteries to reach its full capacity in less than an hour.  In the past, it would take two to three hours before the battery gets to 100%. Fast charging is common now but not all OEMs are focusing on it. There is also the issue of different fast charging tech or systems by different companies that you can’t easily share chargers.

Aside from fast charging, there is wireless charging that is still not as common. There is a call now to come up with a common charger for all mobile devices. It’s a nice idea but we’re not sure how it will happen.

In EU, lawmakers have actually made a call for a common charger to be made. That was in 2014 when the Radio Equipment Directive was given the commission to work on a new charger that may be used across different smartphones.

The main goal is to reduce electronic waste and make the lives of the consumers easier. It’s also more of an encouragement to tech companies and OEMs to develop the so-called common charger. Sadly, there is no evident result yet. The commission is still hoping for something positive that will be introduced someday to reduce electronic waste.

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