Entertainment Space announced by Google for tablet users

Google Entertainment Space for Android Tablets

With the pandemic still not over, it only makes sense that tech giants and companies invest on products and services that will make our real and digital lives better. Life is a constant struggle but thanks to technology, we are able to live more comfortably. And as time goes by, innovations are required. In the past year, Google has introduced numerous new features, products, and improvements as the world adapts to a New Normal. The latest is the Entertainment Space which is a new Android tablet experience.

The new tablet experience isn’t just limited to Google Kids Space. We learned about this enhancement last year as Android tablet experience was improved in time for the holidays. Today, we’re learning more about Entertainment Space.

Android Entertainment Space is a new tablet experience that will probably remind you of Fire tablet by Amazon. It’s simply a new take on presenting Google products from apps to games, shows, videos, and more.

From Kids Space to Entertainment Space, Google sure knows how to make things better for the consumers. The two are similar to in many but the former is very limited obviously due to age appropriateness.

Entertainment Space is mainly for your personal media consumption. It features a simpler user interface that is direct to the point. It is for Android tablets but at the moment, it is only available for ‘Walmart onn tablets’ that are exclusively sold on Walmart.

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