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Best Mice for Xbox One Windows Central 2020

With native Xbox One mouse and keyboard support available across a growing range of titles, it’s now easier than ever to find a controller alternative. Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are among the many taking advantage, providing increased accuracy and reactivity over traditional thumbsticks. And whether wired on your desk or wireless for the living room, we’ve rounded up the best Xbox One-compatible mice today.

Best Overall

The trusty DeathAdder mouse has been the market for years, rocking an unbeaten pairing of performance and build quality for the price. The Razer DeathAdder v2 20K DPI optical sensor and mechanical switches are already a PC favorite, extending the to the library of Xbox One compatible titles.

$30 at Amazon

This budget gaming mouse excels in all areas, packing SteelSeries’ leading TrueMove 3 sensor and comfortable in-hand feel. Coupled with a PC, it’s also possible to save performance and lighting settings to the on-board memory for easy configuration with Xbox One.

$40 at Amazon

If a flashy pointer rigged with RGB lighting isn’t for you, the Logitech G305 offers cable-free performance dressed in a sophisticated black shell. While powered by its 12K DPI “HERO” optical sensor and Lightspeed USB connectivity, it delivers up to 250 hours of gaming with AA batteries.

$50 at Amazon

While potentially overkill for the average Xbox One mouse and keyboard user, the Viper Ultimate culminates Razer’s biggest triumphs into a handheld hit. This wireless mouse offers top performance, a comfortable ambidextrous design, and 70 hours of battery life, accompanied by a handy charging dock.

$150 at Amazon

While performance falls short of dedicated gaming mice, the Logitech M705 Marathon is no slouch. It provides steady wireless and ergonomic comfort, with up to three-year battery life. With Xbox mouse support in the early stages, you likely don’t need more than this.

$28 at Amazon

When looking for the full package, you ultimately can’t go wrong with the Logitech MK270 combo. Serving the Xbox One essentials at a budget price, it’s unbeaten value for those first entering the mouse and keyboard scene on console.

$21 at Amazon

Break free from the controller

When considering a mouse and keyboard for Xbox One, you’ll need to weigh up the convenience of wired versus wireless connectivity for your setup. For the average Xbox One setup in the living room, a wireless mouse is likely preferred, provided you have a flat surface or an accompanying lapboard. However, wired mice carry documented performance benefits and a lower entry price, ideal for an Xbox One desk setup.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a reliable staple for PC gaming, with many of those benefits translating to Xbox One. The manufacturer is well-established in the peripherals space, demonstrated through the DeathAdder’s top-tier performance and comfortable construction. That includes a 20K DPI optical sensor and mechanical switches, similar to those on a keyboard, providing a robust framework for a well-rounded pick. Although the wired connection could be a dealbreaker for some, the sheer value is otherwise unmatched.

For a wireless alternative, our hearts lie with the Logitech G305. While more subtle than your average gaming mouse, with its monochromatic palette and distinct lack of RGB, it still delivers the expected accuracy and latency. Sleek and simple.

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