Embrace the Amazfit Smartwatch – your next reliable health partner

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The global coronavirus pandemic continues to grips the world. Since March of this year, every analogy used to describe the situation has long become cliché and, as we enter into the Christmas period, all of us have become fatigued with working from home, having restrictions placed upon us and not being able to see friends and family as we once did.

That said, it is human nature to look for silver linings. Although hard to do in the current situation, it’s clear we are all becoming more acutely aware of our health and overall wellbeing. Since March, UK Google searches for physical education has risen 1,150% and, due to us all trying to learn more about the importance of oxygen levels in blood, searches for blood oxygen meters have risen by 300%.

Likewise, we are all seeking ways to ensure we’re at peak physical fitness to help ease the burden on the NHS and overcome this pandemic as quickly as possible.

And with that in mind, the latest smartwatches are here to help. In fact, Amazfit launches its latest range of intelligent wearables tomorrow, 27 October and is primed to help anyone improve their personal health management.

Embrace the Amazfit Smartwatch - your next reliable health partner

Guarding Your Personal Health

To achieve a good level of personal health we must all take ownership of our physical prowess and mental resilience. How we achieve this level is up to us, but when we engage in sustained mental labour, run a marathon, or do intense outdoor exercise the oxygen levels in our blood fluctuate.

Understanding this fluctuation and the effect it has on our body and mind enables us to achieve results faster.

The latest smartwatches, such as those from Amazfit, introduces SpO2 measurement functions. SpO2, also known as oxygen saturation, is a measure of the amount of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of haemoglobin not carrying oxygen.

It is important for your body to have a certain level of oxygen in the blood or it will not function as efficiently. If you’ve ever been at high altitude, you’ll have felt the effect of having too little oxygen in the blood. With SpO2 measurements a smartwatch can warn you before you push the boundaries to their extreme and help you place your body into its optimum level to achieve the results you’re striving for.

How Amazfit's new smartwatches are big on health, fitness and battery life


Of course, this feature is only useful if your smartwatch can keep up with your day-to-day activity. Thankfully, with affordable watches now having up to fourteen-day battery lives, they can keep going a lot longer than we can.

Sleep It Off

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be understated. Recent studies have shown that sleep may ultimately boost the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines when they become available and further studies are looking into the wider health benefits of getting a good eight hours’ kip.

With the latest smartwatches you can study your sleep patterns, identify trends and look to rectify them. Using Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sensors and combining them with the SpO2 measurement functions, you are able to gain a complete, in-depth picture of your night’s sleep.

Using this data over time you can start adjusting your sleeping routine and look to improve your down time. If you don’t know what to do, the latest smartwatches can even provide you with bespoke advice.

How Amazfit's new smartwatches are big on health, fitness and battery life

Understand the Deluge of Data

As our devices and entire ecosystem continues to become smarter and more interconnected – with the Amazfit smartwatches now offering Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa built-in – it is becoming harder for the user to distil information down to what’s most important.

Embrace the Amazfit Smartwatch - your next reliable health partner

This is why aggregated scoring systems are becoming the norm for smartwatches. For instance, Personal Activity Intelligence or PAI for short, has been introduced in the Amazfit devices. A PAI-backed health score measures the impact of your physical activity on your heart and guides you to a longer, healthier life.

As evidenced by HUNT Fitness’ study – which lasted 25 years and involved 45,000 participants – maintaining 100 PAI or more is scientifically proven to provide maximum protection from heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.

Ultimately, the healthier our day-to-day lives are, the more time the NHS has to support the most vulnerable in our society.

Embrace the Amazfit Smartwatch - Your Next Reliable Health Partner

How Amazfit's new smartwatches are big on health, fitness and battery life

PAI can be used in your daily life, and with 12 built-in sports modes, your options are vast with the latest Amazfit smartwatch about to be launched.

Combine Health with Design

An intelligent smartwatch is most effective when used on a daily basis.

Thankfully, this has never been easier to do as watches are available in all shapes and sizes. The latest Amazfit smartwatches offer everything from the traditional circular designs to the more contemporary rectangular designs available for any occasion.

Furthermore, watches’ faces, and straps can now be fully customised; shown on AMOLED displays protected by the optical Diamond-like Carbon (oDLC) coating with super-bright 450nit rating, you get something both visually punchy, and perfect for checking notifications and running metrics.

How Amazfit's new smartwatches are big on health, fitness and battery life

Personal health management has gone from something that was only possible if we regularly visited our GPs to something we can easily focus on each and every day. With the aid of the latest smartwatches we can identify trends in our day-to-day life, improve them and in time become healthier and happier individuals.

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