Edge Devs gains option to put tabs to sleep in under one minute

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Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Edge includes a Sleeping Tabs feature that saves system resources by resting tabs after a set period of inactivity. Now, Edge Dev includes an option to put tabs to sleep after less than a minute. This should quickly free up system resources for people who keep multiple tabs open at once.

The latest update for Microsoft Edge Dev brings the browser to version 94.0.975.1. It also includes a popup to show how much resource savings Sleeping Tabs provide and some other new features. Here’s everything that’s new, as outlined by Microsoft:

  • Added an option in Sleeping Tabs to put tabs to sleep after less than a minute of inactivity.
  • Added how much resource savings Sleeping Tabs provide on the tab preview hover popup.
  • Added support for using PNG images as the custom icons of PWAs.
  • Enabled by default the ability to print to PDF in landscape layout.
  • Enabled by default the improved installation dialog for PWAs/websites as apps.
  • Added management policies:
    • To control if the Password Generator is Enabled
    • To control the Primary Password Setting on Mac
    • To control if Application Guard Passive Mode is Enabled, which ignores the trusted and untrusted site lists
    • To set the list to Add Edge Token To User Agent String For URLs, which is the list of sites that will see the “Edg” token appended to the UA String
  • Added an option to the management policy to control Extension Settings that determines if the extension icon is pinned to the toolbar.
  • Re-enabled Web Capture on Linux.

The latest build also includes a long list of fixes, changed behaviors, and known issues, which are found on a Microsoft Tech Community post.

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