Edge Canary for Android gains new translation features in latest update

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Edge Canary Android FullSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Edge Canary for Android has new options for translating web pages. The updated options bring the mobile browser more in line with the desktop version of Microsoft Edge, which is part of Microsoft’s plan. Within the Android version of Edge Canary, you can now set a list of the languages you’d like to see web pages in.

Microsoft Edge on Android already supports translating web pages, but this new option offers more granular controls. You can add a list of languages in a specific order. Then, Microsoft will show you websites in the first language on your list that a page supports.

Reddit user Leopeva64-2 spotted the feature and shared screenshots on Reddit. I saw the new options after updating to Edge Canary version 92.0.888.0.

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Edge Canary for Android only came out in mid-April of this year. Microsoft is moving to a unified codebase across its different versions of Edge. This speeds up the development process and also helps bring new features to the mobile versions of Edge. You can also test Edge Beta on iOS devices through TestFlight.

A coupon feature and a new screenshot tool also rolled out to Edge Canary for Android recently, so Microsoft seems hard at work to add new features to the browser.

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