Ecobee Haven security system comes with Alexa-powered SmartCamera

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Home security systems may not be the most needed right now since almost everyone’s at home but that doesn’t mean there’s no more demand for it. Ecobee has launched its own monitoring system with contact sensors and motion sensors included but also comes with a SmartCamera that’s pretty unique. Aside from doing what it is that smart security cameras usually do, like capture society footage and all, this one can also serve as a smart speaker since it’s powered by Amazon Alexa.

The new SmartSensors included in the system tracks whether a door or window is opened but it can also function as a motion sensor, meaning they can detect movement within a room. It runs on a battery but it can last for up to 3 years before it should be replaced. There are also standalone SmartSensors for motion detection but not for the door or window monitoring. The system does not have a dedicated panel so you control everything through the app.

The SmartCamera meanwhile is able to capture video art 1080p Full HD resolution and also has a 180-degree wide-angle lens. For times when there’s low light, you can activate the night mode with the two-way radio so you can hear what’s happening and talk to the people in the room as well. As we said, this smart camera is powered by Alexa so you’ll be able to give voice commands and ask questions. You can mount it on your wall or just place it on a stand.

To be able to use the system completely, you need to subscribe to one of their two plans. The Essential plan at $5/month supports a single camera and 14 days of video history. But you also have supported to an unlimited number of Haven non-camera devices. The Extended plan meanwhile has support for an unlimited number of Haven cameras and non-camera devices and will cost you $10/month. They are now offering a one-month free trial for subscribers.

The Ecobee Haven Home Security Bundle comes with the SmartCamera, two SmartSensors for windows and doors, and two regular SmartSensors. It is priced at $279. Meanwhile, the Total Home Comfort and Security Bundle includes all that plus an Ecobee SmartThermostat. The entire bundle will cost you $499. For individual pricing, the SmartCamera is at $179 while the SmartSensors are $79 a pair.

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