DxOMark: Pixel 4 scores lower than the Galaxy S10+

DxOMark just came out with its latest camera review – this time it’s about the Pixel 4. There’s also a video review below that should give you a pretty good idea of phone’s biggest advantages and drawbacks without going through the whole thing.

As expected, the overall camera performance is really good. The phone has accurate exposure metering in bright light, detail is great indoors and outdoors. The exposure in low-light conditions is also pretty nice. Moreover, DxOMark is impressed with the telephoto camera’s performance during the day and when capturing stills indoors.

Video recording is smooth thanks to the adaptive frame rate and stabilization is great. There’s a short demo in the video to see for yourself.

There are some drawbacks, though. Reviewers found some artifacts in panning videos, color shading in all scenarios, loss of detail in short-range zoom and some artifacts in some of the photos such as the Moire effect and some ringing along the edges.

It all sounds good and all but in the end, compared to its direct rivals, the Pixel 4 gets an overall score of 112 points, which puts it in a shared 8th position with the Mate 20 Pro. That’s even lower than the OnePlus 7 Pro and the Honor 20 Pro.


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