Durability test videos reveal Galaxy S20 Ultra’s amazing build quality

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most specced-out smartphone right now, no wonder it costs a whopping $1,400 for the entry-level, 128GB variant. But how durable is it? Would it last a few years to show your money’s worth? Going by a durability test video published by JerryRigEverything, the phone appears to be extremely well-built.The phone’s body is made using a combination of high-grade aluminum chassis and Gorilla Glass 6. As usual, the Gorilla Glass 6 panels at the front and rear of the phone start showing signs of scratches with Mohs pick level 6, and deeper grooves start to appear with Mohs pick level 7. This means that it won’t pick up scratches by fingernails. Although there’s a huge camera bump at the rear, the lens won’t get easily scratched.The video also shows how densely packed the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s body is. Those massive camera sensors, the periscope-style optical zoom lens, and a 5000mAh battery take a lot of space inside the phone. The chassis of the phone is solid, and it didn’t bend even though Zack Nelson put all his power to it.

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