Duplex restaurant bookings will soon arrive on smart displays

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It’s been a couple of years since Google introduced Google Duplex restaurant bookings but it’s taking some time for support to other devices to arrive. But Google has now announced that soon, your Nest smart displays will be able to make restaurant reservations for you through Google Assistant. There aren’t many details yet available on how this will go about except that you can trigger the process through voice commands and a suggestion chip will show up when looking at a supported restaurant.

Using Google Assistant to book reservations at a restaurant may not be such a big thing for some people. But it is a convenient task that you can pass on if you don’t like talking over the phone. When Google launched this back in 2018, it wasn’t a smooth process but there have been some improvements since then. Duplex and AI technology has become more conversational and natural and they have explored more ways they can use this to make life easier for users.

If you’re using Nest smart displays at home, you’ll eventually be able to use the Duplex technology to book supported restaurants. You can just say “Hey Google, book a table at (restaurant name)” to start the process which will eventually end up with you actually reserving a table with minimal interaction with you. There will also be a “book a table there” suggestion chip when you’re viewing the details of a supported restaurant.

Google also made a few other announcements about Nest smart displays and Chromecast with Google TV. Sling TV channels will now be fully integrated with Chromecast with Google TV and Stadia will also be coming there by June 23. The previously introduced Guest Mode option will also now get new languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. You will also now be able to customize events and set up household contacts in your Google Home app.

There’s no exact date yet when your Nest displays will get support for Duplex. But an official announcement may mean it’s pretty near.

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