Dropbox Plus and Professional users just got a password manager and more

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Dropbox has new features available for Dropbox Plus users and people with a Dropbox Professional plan. Dropbox Plus users gain Dropbox Passwords, Dropbox Vault, and a computer backup feature. Dropbox Professional subscribers can now use Dropbox Passwords and the computer backup feature. Dropbox Professional now also supports branded sharing and traffic and insights. Dropbox outlines the new features in a recent blog post.

Dropbox Passwords allows you to store passwords and automatically log into websites without having to remember your passwords. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and automatically syncs passwords from your desktop to your mobile devices. It utilizes zero-knowledge encryption to help keep your passwords secure.

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If you want to store documents and information in the cloud with some added security, you can use Dropbox Vault. It protects content behind a PIN and has an extra layer of security for sensitive documents.

Dropbox’s computer backup feature allows you to automatically back up folders on your PC or Mac. then, those folders sync through the cloud to be accessible from anywhere. You can access several PC and Mac backups in a single location to stay organized.

Dropbox Professional users can take advantage of Dropbox’s new branded sharing feature. With this, you can present files with company branding, such as a logo and company name. You can also set a background image.

The new traffic and insight feature is also available for Dropbox Professional users. This feature allows you to keep track of who visited a link, what device they used, when the link was accessed, and how the content was interacted with such as viewing it or downloading it.

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