Dress up real nice with The Division 2’s new Explorers apparel event

As agents wait oh so (im)patiently for Title Update 6 and Episode 2 to arrive — both are slated for October — there’s a new, smaller update to entertain until then. Title Update 5.2 is rolling out today with a brand new apparel event known as “Explorers.”

Some of the regional Division 2 social media accounts have been teasing the new threads over the past week, and it seems like there will be four to choose from, including Aviator and one that dresses you up like an astronaut.

The patch notes don’t go into any real detail on the event and how the new apparel will be acquired, instead promising more information will be released after the server downtime. We’ll update as soon as we have anything to go on.

Also being rolled out as part of 5.2 are a series of fixes for both PC and console. The full maintenance notes read as follows:

  • Made improvements when using the game with DirectX 12.
  • Fixed an exploit that could cause players to gain an unintended amount of armor.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the client to crash when navigating the Map Menus on console.
  • Apparel Event #4 – Explorers will be live after the maintenance has ended! More information can be found in an upcoming article released later today.

Servers are expected to come back up around 12.30 CEST (06:30 EDT). In the meantime, keep an eye on The Division 2 forums for more information and to report any issues when the servers come back up.

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