Download Galaxy Z Flip wallpapers and see your home screen ‘bloom’

The Galaxy Z Flip has gone official and will soon be hitting retail stores, at least in the US and South Korea (though other markets are going to follow soon). We went hands on with Samsung’s clamshell foldable and came away impressed, as it brings a number of cool features that we haven’t seen on other phones — foldable or otherwise — before. As expected, the Galaxy Z Flip also comes preloaded with some new wallpapers, and some of those wallpapers are now available for download.The Galaxy Z Flip was developed with the codename ‘Bloom’, and that’s the theme the wallpapers are based on. The live video wallpaper on the Z Flip shows a blooming flower in multiple colors, and it looks downright gorgeous. The static wallpapers show the same flower. You will also notice how the wallpapers have an unusually taller vertical resolution. That’s because the Galaxy Z Flip’s 6.7-inch display is unusually tall as well, though Samsung has included standard-sized versions of the same wallpapers.You can download the entire wallpaper package (including a wallpaper from the Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Z Flip) as a ZIP file by clicking this link. The individual wallpapers can be seen below. It’s worth mentioning that these wallpapers have a maximum resolution of 2636×2636 pixels, so they may not look very sharp on maximum screen resolution on a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10.

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