DontKillMyApp benchmarks over-aggressive killing of background apps

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Android phone makers have adopted background app killing mechanism to enhance battery life for a few years now. While it has certain benefits it hampers the user experience in terms of reopening apps or checking notifications later. With aggressive app killing, some app functions are also hindered. For example, Urbandroid’s Sleep as Android has issues working with many devices that have aggressive app killing. They even have a website to show how background apps are terminated and how to fix them.

Now, they have created a standalone app dubbed DontKillMyApp which gives an in-depth insight into the background app management of your phone. It is like a benchmark test for assessing any over-aggressive background app killing by the phone’s software. This app requires you to run it for an extended duration of time to make this assessment.

The app testing duration ranges up to eight hours with increments of one-hour and during the testing phase the phone should not be charged. It has to be noted that you cannot use the phone while doing so or the test is negated as it can hinder the background app management. The app also provides troubleshooting solutions in case there are problems with any background app.

While the app is testing it gives notifications and you can tap it to terminate the test which then gives the results. It should be noted that DontKillMyApp is advisable for advanced users as some toggles are beyond the understanding of an average user. Eventually, the app will evolve into something that the normal user can understand and take the requisite actions. The app is free to install and can be downloaded right away from the Play Store.

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