Don’t act surprised, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a minimalist cover display

Chances are that Samsung’s next foldable device will have a clamshell form factor. We’ve talked about this at length a few times, and judging by all of the information we’ve gathered so far, the clamshell Galaxy Fold 2, a.k.a. Bloom, will have a fairly small cover display with limited interactivity, meant primarily for notifications.Obviously, the small cover display is also expected to show battery information while charging, and now, a couple of charging animations seemingly designed for the Fold 2’s exterior display have been discovered in the One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy Note 9 and shared by @MaxWinebach via Twitter.The small cover display is a limitation of the form factorThe source claims that the videos have a much narrower aspect ratio in reality and that they should depict an animated circle as opposed to a rectangle with rounded corners. In any case, these are just a couple of simple animations and there are no new surprises here. The Galaxy Fold 2 should be a Moto Razr challenger and that’s just about it.We’ve suspected as much even before the new foldable Razr was officially announced. We’ve talked at length about the Galaxy Fold 2’s battery setup, and how its small 900mAh secondary battery (part number EB-BF701ABY) should be the perfect fit for a clamshell’s minimalist cover display with limited functionality.Do keep in mind that Samsung could also launch a direct sequel to the existing Galaxy Fold, one that would not have a clamshell design. That might happen later in the second half of 2020, at least assuming that the company will want to pursue a strategy of releasing two foldable devices every year.

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