Does Microsoft Surface Pro X support Mini DisplayPort?

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Best answer: No, The Surface Pro X does not have a Mini DisplayPort. You can, however, connect to monitors and devices using the USB-C port or Surface Connect port. You can also purchase a dongle to connect to other devices.

The Surface Pro X doesn’t have a Mini DisplayPort, but it does have both a USB-C port and a Surface Connect port. Microsoft decided to switch out the older Mini DisplayPort for the more modern USB-C port to work with more devices. The USB-C port of the Surface Pro X supports USB-C 3.1 connectivity, which means that it can connect to two 4K displays at 60Hz using just one port.

Additionally, the Surface Pro X has a Surface Connect port that can handle many connections as well as charge the device. It isn’t as universal as a USB-C port, but some people already have docks or dongles based around the Surface Connect port, so it’s nice not to have to switch hardware.

Grab a dongle

If you still need to use a Mini DisplayPort, you can grab a dongle that allows you to connect your USB-C port to a Mini DisplayPort. Mini DisplayPorts aren’t as common as they used to be, but they are used frequently in offices and corporate environments. This affordable USB-C to Mini DisplayPort adapter from Answin allows you to connect to more devices.

The future of Surface Pro

Surface Pro X

The most compact Surface Pro yet

Between its impressive USB-C ports, quality display, SQ1 processor, and its wealth of RAM and storage, the Microsoft Surface Pro X looks like it’s going to be an excellent device.

Connecting to older setups

USB-C to Mini Displayport Adapter

Supporting offices and enterprise

This dongle allows you to connect your Surface Pro 7 to older setups that rely on a Mini DisplayPort.

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