Do you like the Windows 11 Insider preview build so far?

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Windows 11 Start Hero Surface BookSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

After leaked builds and through-the-roof anticipation, Windows 11 was formally unveiled on June 24 and released in preview build capacity to Insiders in the Dev Channel on June 28. The promise of a forever-OS has been canceled now that many users are actively running Windows 11, a creation Microsoft long ago dismissed as not in the cards. The future has arrived, and it has everything from curved edges to a fresh Start menu (and a whole lot more).

If you’re one of the Insiders who’s been toying around with the latest operating system from Microsoft for the past few days, we want to know: Are you digging it? Are you hating it? Are you completely indifferent about it?

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Earlier this week, two Windows Central mainstays shared opposing views on the hype surrounding Windows 11. Robert Carnevale (yes, that’s me) gave thoughts on why the hype for Windows 11 is overblown, while Sean Endicott took the opposite stance and argued that the hype is warranted. You’ve heard from us, and now it’s time we hear from you.

If your opinion on Windows 11’s preview build is a bit too nuanced to fit within the confines of the choices provided in the poll, feel free to leave a comment outlining your thoughts on the operating system. As evidenced by previous polls, some of you love to give super detailed, in-depth takes on our weekly poll topics, and we love to read them. So don’t hold back!

And if you want to catch up on everything and anything Windows 11-related, be sure to check out our extensive coverage of it. Do you know how to get a file explorer with tabs on Windows 11? Are you armed with the best Windows 11-ready apps?

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