Do you like the leaked redesign of the Calendar app for Windows 10?

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Last week, screenshots of a redesigned Calendar app for Windows 10 leaked online, revealing upcoming changes to the overall design of the app. The new Calendar app is now built using React Native, meaning it borrows from the Outlook Calendar website in many areas, and features the same clean design already available online.

It’s unclear when the app redesign will launch officially, as the early builds appear to show unfinished UI. It’s likely we’ll hear more about this updated app in the coming weeks and months.

Make sure you answer our poll and let us know in the comments what your thoughts are. Do you like the new design? Do you think it needs improvements? I personally like it, although I would like to see more Fluent Design in the final product. This early version does feature drop shadows, but there’s a distinct lack of reveal and acrylic effects throughout the app.

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