Do we really need every phone to have three or four rear cameras?

Samsung was fairly late to join the club of manufacturers who were putting more than one rear camera on their smartphones. The first Galaxy phone with a dual camera setup was the Galaxy Note 8, and that was followed by the Galaxy J7+. A year later, Samsung introduced its first phone with triple rear cameras, and there’s been no stopping the company since then, with almost every mainstream Galaxy phone nowadays featuring three or four rear cameras.

These days, only Google seems to launch phones without any fancy dual, triple, or quadruple camera setups. Samsung and every other manufacturer is trying to put as many cameras on the back of their phones as they possibly can, with some manufacturers even offering phones with five rear cameras. And while having a versatile camera setup is of the utmost importance to many, there are also those who would be just fine with a single camera on the front and back of their smartphone.

Personally, I love having both zoom and ultra-wide cameras on my phones. But we can’t help but feel that there’s a market for devices with a single rear camera, especially if the manufacturing costs saved by having fewer cameras could be spent on improving other aspects of a device. If you shoot photos once in a blue moon, should your options really be limited to devices that all have a gazillion camera sensors? Wouldn’t you rather have, for example, a smartphone that has a faster processor that gives you higher frame rates in the latest games rather than an insane number of cameras that you will hardly ever use?

What do you think? Would you buy a Galaxy phone with a single rear camera?

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