Do the Galaxy Buds 2 feature 360-degree Audio like the Galaxy Buds Pro?

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Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds Pro about six months ago and it immediately became clear that they were the best earbuds yet from Samsung. They brought improvements for the listening experience, added ANC to a familiar Samsung earbud design, and more.

There was another feature that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Buds Pro that we haven’t seen so far on any of the company’s earbuds. The 360-degree Audio feature significantly enhanced the audio experience on the company’s earbuds.

Galaxy Buds 2 are Samsung’s second new earbuds release this year

The 360-degree spatial audio feature with Dolby Head Tracking technology delivers an incredible immersive audio experience. The company advertised that this feature helps deliver “theater-like” sound on the Galaxy Buds Pro. As we highlighted in our Galaxy Buds Pro review, 360-degree Audio really works as advertised.

You can feel which direction the sound is coming from when you move your head. It’s important to note that the 360-degree Audio feature only works when the Galaxy Buds Pro are being used with a Samsung Galaxy device.

Samsung has now come out with a new pair of wireless earbuds. The Galaxy Buds 2 are quite similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro. There are more similarities than differences in these earbuds. It’s particularly great that at $150, the Galaxy Buds 2 are actually $50 cheaper than the Galaxy Buds Pro.

So what did Samsung take away to reduce the cost? You guessed it, 360-degree Audio. The Galaxy Buds 2 don’t feature 360-degree spatial audio. It may not necessarily have been a cost thing. Samsung wouldn’t have wanted to cannibalize the sales of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

So it had to leave something out. The company probably felt that 360-degree audio was the safest feature it could cut without reducing the appeal of the new earbuds for customers.

We tend to agree with that assessment. At $150 and with the features that it provides, such as Active Noise Cancellation, the Galaxy Buds 2 deliver incredible value for money.

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  • Model: SM-R177
  • Dimensions: Ear Buds: 21.1 x 17 x 20.9 mm
    Cradle (Ear Buds): 27.8 x 50 x 50.2 mm
  • Display:
  • CPU:
  • Camera:

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