Do AirPods work with Samsung Galaxy phones? Yes, and here’s how

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We often get queries from readers who would like to know if AirPods work with Samsung Galaxy phones. It’s not hard to imagine why they’re curious. Apple is known for keeping its ecosystem tightly locked down. So many have the impression that perhaps those fashionable ear canal fillers are really only for people with an Apple smartphone.In essence, this is the actual query here: Do AirPods work with Android smartphones? The simple answer for people who are wondering if AirPods connect to Android phones is that yes, they absolutely can. This means that you can use them with a Samsung device as well.Do AirPods work with Samsung phones?Yes, AirPods can absolutely work with Samsung phones. Apple hasn’t prevented them from being used with Android devices. Since Samsung’s smartphones run Android, you won’t have any problem using them with your device. Despite the custom chip that makes pairing AirPods with Apple devices a breeze, they’re essentially the same as any other Bluetooth-enabled earpods.The procedure to pair AirPods on Android is fairly simple. First, ensure that you have Bluetooth enabled on your device. Then open the AirPods case before pressing down and holding the setup button located at the back of the case. Keep holding the button until the status light begins to flash white. This is when you’ll see AirPods appear in the nearby Bluetooth devices list on your smartphone. Tap on them to complete the pairing process and voila! You now know how to connect AirPods to a Samsung Galaxy phone.You will have to repeat this process on every non-Apple device that you wish to use the AirPods with. If you encounter issues during the pairing process, try opening the case and holding the button on the back until the light starts blinking amber. Release the button and close the lip before trying the procedure mentioned above once again.Do keep in mind that you won’t be able to use all of the features that the AirPods offer because they only work when paired with an Apple device. Siri will obviously not be available and the battery indicator for the AirPods won’t show up on your phone’s display. Features like automatic pausing when an AirPod is removed from the ear won’t work as well. Double-tapping an earbud will only play/pause media.Products like smartwatches and smart earbuds are only at their best when used within the relevant ecosystem. Given how AirPods have achieved cult status in popular culture, it’s understandable that quite a few people would want to use them without giving up their Samsung Galaxy phone.Those who don’t feel the need to flex with their AirPods can opt for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds instead. As we mentioned in our Galaxy Buds review, Samsung’s wireless earbuds are worthy of your hard-earned money.

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