Disney Plus has been delayed in France but will launch on April 7

Disney Plus (stylized as Disney+) is coming to France a bit later than initially planned, but worry not, the service will be available in the country from April 7. Much like in the UK and other regions, Disney Plus will be compatible with numerous Samsung Smart TV models that were released in 2016 and later.The on-demand subscription-based streaming service was originally planned to go live in France on March 24, much like it did in the UK and other Western European countries. But The Walt Disney Company had delayed the launch at the request of the French government to prevent the internet infrastructure from bottlenecking.Disney Plus and other similar services have lowered their streaming quality across Europe, including in France. Countless people are now stuck at home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and this has contributed to a surge in demand for online entertainment, to the point where measures had to be taken to maintain ‘smooth functioning of the broadband infrastructure,’ reports Reuters.French residents will be able to subscribe to Disney Plus from April 7 in exchange for €6.99 a month or €69.99 a year. Once they’ll join the service, they’ll gain access to various programs from entertainment brands including National Geographic, Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, and more.

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