Disney+ goes live in Netherlands, free for two months

If you’ve been waiting for so long for Disney+ since you’re a huge Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars fan, you will probably want to move somewhere in Europe for the next two months. That’s because the long-awaited streaming service is now apparently available in the Netherlands and the Netherlands alone. Even better news if you live there is the fact that since this is still somewhat a pilot test, you get it for free until it finally, officially launches in November.

According to Droid Life, the Disney+ app can now be installed in your Android device if you live in the Netherlands. And before the official, global launch on November 12, you’ll be able to access all the movies and TV shows in their library for free. That’s at least two months that you get to try out the service without paying a dime and they’re probably hoping for some feedback before the final launch date.

Now as to what you’ll see in he app, it’s pretty much similar to Netflix and other streaming apps, only they’re still probably fixing licenses and agreements since there are still some Disney-owned properties that are missing there. There are 18 titles in the MCU present but both Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame are still missing. The entire Star Wars franchise meanwhile is present there but don’t get to excited yet because the upcoming The Mandalorian is not there yet.

Quality-wise, you’ll be able to stream them in 4K Ultra HD and HDR for selected films. There are already some from Disney and Star Wars and all in all, there are 17 titles that are already in that format. However, the search function doesn’t seem to be working as it should. You’ll have to look at each product page to see if they already have it. Hopefully that gets fixed soon as just searching for titles in 4K may be quicker than opening page after page.

The global rollout of the Disney+ app begins November 12 so that’s when our friends in the Netherlands start paying $6.99 per month.

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