Disney and Amazon partner to bring “Hey, Disney!” to Echo devices

If your kids, or you yourself, are pretty much addicted to anything Disney, there’s a new Alexa skill that you can activate on your Echo devices by next year. The “Hey, Disney!” voice assistant will work with Alexa on supported Echo devices not just in your home but also across all Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms. Fans will be able to interact with Disney characters, have storytelling sessions, listen to jokes, fun facts, and have other interactive adventures through the smart speaker.

Kids and kids-at-heart alike will be able to have interactions with favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Dory, and Olaf through the power of Alexa’s technology. There are also storytelling sessions, fun facts, jokes, Soundscapes, and even Disney trivia games to see who’s really a true-blue fan. You can also do practical things like setting timers and alarms, checking the time, and finding out the weather, but all done in a Disney way.

Those who will be staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms will also be able to enjoy the service as an integration with Alexa for Hospitality will also be coming soon. The voice assistant will be able to get you towels, answer all your questions about the park, tell you where to get the best food, and other information you need to know about your stay in the hotel and Disney World itself. Al this is happening of course on the Amazon Echo device in your room.

“Hey Disney!” is actually the first time that an Alexa Custom Assistant will be available on Echo devices. This was developed from the ground up and involves original character voice recordings and audio. There’s also a brand new character that will be your guide – the Disney Magical Companion. This Alexa technology can also be a peek into how other brands can create experiences tailored to them and their customer’s needs.

“Hey Disney!” will be available for purchase in the U.S through the Alexa Skills Store by 2022 but they did not say how much and what specific month or quarter. If you’re staying at the Disney World hotel rooms, you’ll get complimentary access to the feature on Amazon Echo devices.

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